Me, one bench and my ballet.

Me, one bench and my ballet.
Me, one bench and my ballet.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Top Ten Habits That Annoy Parents!!

Parents get so annoyed when you do the same bad habits again and again, right?

1) Whistling - I whistle the same tune again and again, which gets my mum seriously annoyed.

2) Cracking your fingers - I click my knuckles everyday which is bad because my mum says it is a horrible sound and that I might get arthritis.

3) A Messy Room - My mum always makes a mountain of clothes in the middle of my room, which I have to tidy up.

4) Using All Rooms In House - I always do my homework in the study room, my nan's room, my room, in the kitchen and in the sitting room.

5) Biting Nails - It annoys my mum because she says my nails will not look nice, so I will not be able to wear nail polish.

6) Declining Instruments - When my mum buys me instruments I don't play them.

7) Moodiness - I do this when I get angry and upset, it's basically a leave-me-alone attitude.

8) Whining - When my lips are saw (because I have not put any lip-balm) I complain to my mum.

9) Last Minute Talk - I do this when my oyster has about £1.05 I'm on the phone whining to top up.

10) Hiding Places - I find any corners I can find to dump any of my clothes because I cannot be bothered to tidy up.

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