Me, one bench and my ballet.

Me, one bench and my ballet.
Me, one bench and my ballet.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I want this, I want that!!

Hey guys,

This is Miss Lovehelpz speaking.  I go to an all girls school somewhere in London. 

Many students want popularity because they want attention. To be popular at my school, means girls expect you to be:

Wearing make-up (high fashion)
Rolling up skirts (so they can show off their legs to boys) 
Own a cool smartphone
Know all the recent gossip
Get lots of pocket money
Be talented

Well I know how you feel if you have never experienced popularity before, I have been through the same experience. You also get teased and compared with the latest technology. Maybe you sit alone at lunchtime because your not "cool" enough.

Well maybe you have had enough of this teasing

Brick phones are phones with a small screen and is basic, and do not have the same facilities that a expensive smartphone has.

I agree with my mum  for not letting me have a smartphone.  because I live 1 hour and 20 minutes from school, and because I take a lot of transport it is a higher risk for getting mugged.

Today we were studying the past and future of mobile phones, my science teacher embarrassed me in front of my whole class by comparing my brick phone with another students smartphone. I rejected this request from my teacher but she insisted, so I handed it to her. It made me feel ashamed and the only person in the wide world with a brick phone. The class reacted with laughter because I had a small phone while the other student had a smartphone. I could hear giggling and snipe comments. So it has been said now. I, Misslovehelpz use a brick phone.

Some of us have I Phones, Blackberrys and Samsung and you might be the only one with a brick phone. You do not care that you might have a brick phone but it shouldn't affect your school life, I will ignore them and I will have FUN.So don't listen to this people because you may have an amazing talent that makes you special. And only you have that power.

Thanks xx

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