Me, one bench and my ballet.

Me, one bench and my ballet.
Me, one bench and my ballet.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Book review on I Coriander

This review is based on a book named I Coriander, it is a historical fantasy.

About It
This book is set during King Charles II reign. The year is1643,  it is about a red headed 12 year old girl called Coriander who lives with her father and mother, when Coriander's mother passes away from black magic, her father is heartbroken so instead he arranges a grieving marriage to a selfish woman called Maud Leggs. Maud Leggs has a daughter, Hester who is about the same age as Coriander. Maud treats Coriander horridly, beating her while her father turns his back. 

When the civil war takes place Coriander's father decides to fight with the Roundheads (Cromwell's army).  Coriander is lonely and spends little time with Hester. When her father flees, Maud Leggs introduces a religious man called Arise Fell. Arise changes Coriander's name to Anne for it to be holy and when she protests, is  beaten. And so now, as Anne, she  is working as a maid but soon a pair of silver shoes take her into another world.............


Why I enjoyed It
I enjoyed this book because it built suspense and mystery. The main themes were freedom and love. It was a book to never forget, you could imagine what the characters looked like you could also see the setting. It was as if it was so real.

About the Author

Sally Gardner is a dyslexic illustrator and writer. She was only able to read when she was 14, she was accepted in Art College and then in Drama College and worked as a theatre
designer before turning to illustration than writing. She has won a Costa children's book award (2012) and a Carnegie medal for her book Maggot Moon.

Where did I read it? In my room.

Where did I get the book from? My local library in Norbury.

Why did I choose this? I read the blurb and suddenly I felt inspired I wanted to see what her lifestyle was like.

 What time of day was it? Early evening.

How much is it? £5.24 for paperback and £4.49 for kindle edition.

Miss Lovehelpz score
Fun 10/10 
Page turner 10/10
Value for money 6/10
Quirky factor 10/10
Packaging 9/10

Hit or a miss? A definite hit. 
Extra points: Drawings and qoutes inside the book.
Liked: The description of the characters and the drawings.
Disliked: There is no I Coriander 2!!
Useful To know: xxxxx

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