Me, one bench and my ballet.

Me, one bench and my ballet.
Me, one bench and my ballet.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cooking Monster and The Good Wife......

I love cooking. Well mostly baking. I haven't created something amazing yet. The only cake so far that I have baked is a victoria sponge cake which on my first try was absolutely delicious.

I first fell in love with baking when watching Bake Off. The empathy really got to me. Especially in one episode, at the final stage they had to make any cake they wanted but it had to be a theme related to them. I f it was me i would do a cake on all my favourite TV shows. I have taken a liking to Pretty Little Liars and The Good Wife. Anyways..........

I have a lot of dreams for when I am older and one of them is to have my own bakery. You know; make my own pastries, decorate amazing cakes, sculpt figurines out of chocolate. If a baking show was on TV such as Cake Boss or Bake Off i would sit there in awe......just thinking if that were me.

But hey ho. I've wanted to be a barrister for a long time and I'm gonna stick to that. If not here is list of my careers starting with the one i really want....:

7)Show Jumper (horse riding)

I love watching law shows such as Judge Judy, Judge Geordie, Suits, The Good Wife and Silk. They are all good but my favourite is The Good Wife, it has a lot of drama in each episode and a variety of unexpected characters or scenarios you would least think of. Plus it has Michael J Fox from Back to the future, if you have not watched the film it is a must see.

I have completely gone off topic so I think I'll change the title.

So if you enjoy law and constant fighting i suggest you watch these shows. They are absolutely hilarious.

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