Me, one bench and my ballet.

Me, one bench and my ballet.
Me, one bench and my ballet.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Going Into Year 10...........

Ok, so on the 3rd of September is a very big day. I am starting my first day as a Year 10. I joined in Year nine on January the 6th 2015. So i've been at my school for 7 months. Not bad.

Now my school is a boarding school. Let's just say I have family problems at home. I am a full boarder which means I stay every year and get to see my mum on the weekends or sometimes after school. I have 6 lessons a week, and half a school day on Saturday. But i get longer holidays...that's why. I'm usually in a dorm with 3 or 4 girls that i know. You get to choose who you board with and what dorm you want. We have regular nights where the matron cooks us special supper such as: chip butties, cookies, apple crumble etc. These night are only on Tuesday and Thursday. Monday,Wednesday and Friday is noodle night, so you bring your own noodles, bring them out into the common room with your PJ's on and just chill.

Every morning at around 7 the matron comes in and wakes us up and turns the light on. The light is the worst, especially in the morning. Most girls secretly sleep until 7:45 so they get a lie in. Plus all year 9's and 10's have to share a toilet, while all the Year 11's get their own because they have certain privileges such as: a shortcut of stairs to the common room, allowed to work upstairs, allowed to go to town after school, etc. It is soooooooo unfair.

We have all our lessons from 8:45 till 3:35. We come to our houses. The girls houses are Elizabeth for Year 7's and 8's. Cornwall and Alexandra for Year 9-11. Then we have the annex which is for sixth forms. Im in Cornwall, they say Alex is the best but really; it's too noisy and crowded. At Cornwall it's the exact opposite.

From 3:35 till 5:30 you can relax and do whatever you want. At 5:30 the bell rings calling for house meeting which happens every morning for registration, prep and at 5:30 for any news or if we have to go to chapel (that is a whole new story, basically its like church) after that we are dismissed for dinner. After eating me and my friends take a walk and selfies along the way. We get back to our house before 6:30 which means prep time. AKA Homework Time. Year 9's prep is from 6:30 till 7:30 and because i'm Year 10 our prep is from 6:30 till 8:00. Trust me, that is along time for me because it ruins my schedule of shower, noodles, fun, bed. Now all that will be delayed just because of an extra half hour being added on.

On Friday is film night so after prep when your washed and dressed in your PJ's. The matron puts on a random film and it's just a chilled session. After that we are sent to bed and woken up at 7 in the morning on a SATURDAY!!!!!!!! When classes finish at 12 on a Sat. We come back to the house get dressed, you can decide to have lunch at school or in town. Your limit of money is £10, no more. You have to be back at the house before 5. After 5 you can watch movies, go to other houses and yeah do what you want to.

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